Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In Hong Kong and received this lovely, but unexpected comment on my books from Geneva Martell:

'Hope you remember me from Sutton, i'm glad I saw you because as soon as I got home I absolutely loved the books.

As I started reading the first few chapters of "Aggie Lichen:Pilp collector" I have to admit it was very hard to put the book down, I wanted to know what was going to happen and i had to know before i could sleep well.

I love all the characters escpecially Aggie she is a very bubbly and funny character because the way she treats her sister and that she is very bossy and ready to get the job done herself. Gilbert just made me laugh every time he moaned about something making all the other characters angry at him, I did not expect the 'smell' but thats what kept the story funny.
I really loved how you described the sprites and every other creatures, the picture I got in my head of every moment was great.

On the second book I did not expect that from Victor at all and of course Aggie and Arty in "Aggie Lichen:Hero required" it was unexpected, a very creative and excellent book.

Was very easy and enjoyable to read, a lot of description in place.
Also Debra you better get back writing because I am waiting for a new book to come out
This is one of my favourite collections.

Thank you Debra for giving me the opportunity to read an excellent book. '