Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cornerstones report

So here I am, report in hand, looking through all the things that may need changing. It's amazing how when you write a book you just don't see the blatantly obvious - well, I don't.
One thing that came up was using too many other words for 'said' as it disturbs the flow of the reading. I can see that, but in school we are always on at children not to just use 'said' which puts me in a dilemma. We have lessons on, 'how many words can you find to replace 'said'', words to make your writing more 'interesting'.


Jon M said...

Yes but that's all to do with developing vocab? And that is children writing who are less experienced so they are encouraged to experiment more. A bit like when you first paint, you use every colour you can even though it all goes black!
"And you can always throw the odd one in," he muttered.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Kill your adverbs.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to find a balance. I am guilty of that, Ebony!