Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waterstone's Sutton

Home from home! I just love signing at Waterstone's Sutton! There's no fuss. I just get on with talking to people in the hope they might want to buy my book. The staff are so suppportive and always check to see if things are going okay. They build me up by telling me that I'm their best selling local author with little signs by my books saying just that! Just love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Alice and I love all your books,I am half way through the 2nd book. This is a link to my blog where I reviewed your first book, I had to write it for school. I go to st philomenas in carsholton.

Anonymous said...

Hi it is Alice again and I am so happy you like my blog, I will be writing a mother review of the second book
And about you coming to my school you can email the school on :
Hope you like the next review