Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Editing, Kindle, Smashwords and stuff!

So with Aggie on Kindle already, it's now time to get Arty ready for his first outing into the world of ebooks. Some editing to do first then it's on. Be good to see Hero follow pretty soon afterwards.
Have sold my soul to the devil - also known as Smashwords. Have put Aggie on there as a freebie while I test the water. Will be putting on at a decent price soon then Arty will follow.
Still no sign of Marvin, which is a good thing really. Gives me time to clear out cupboards, sort the recycling, tidy the study etc.
Have changed reading from Linger to Magyk! tried really hard with linger, but just needed aa bit more colour and excitement. Angie Sage does it so well!

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