Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Successful signing at Waterstone's Croydon

I had a great time at Waterstone's last Saturday. Lots of Aggie Lichen books were sold and signed and many took advantage of the 'buy one get one half price' offer. Something that rarely happens to me is a return visit by a happy mum. Her daughter had bought the first book from me some time ago and came back a little later to get the second book, but the store had sold out so she bought the third book instead. On finding out I was back in store, her mum bought the third book in for me to sign and took a copy of the second book for her daughter's 15th birthday. Now that was nice to see.

I also had a lovely compliment from another girl, Caitlin, who was with her family and had read all my books. She said how much she'd loved them and had reread them all. Again, great to hear that kind of feedback.

A special hello to Swaraa who also bought books. Her family seemed really happy to have met an author and have signed copies so they took photos of us together.

As always, big thanks to the store, especially Katherine, events organiser, and Holly who looked after me on the day.



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