Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Great author visit to Edith Cavell Academy, Norwich

Image result for edith cavell academyI had such a fabulous time visiting the Edith Cavell Academy yesterday. With an author talk for starters, I soon had Years 3,4,5,6 giggling at my silly antics. They seemed to especially like my story of being a reluctant KS1 teacher in Year 2 when I first thought of writing about stroppy teenage tooth fairies.

 Image result for edith cavell academyFollowing on from my third book, Hero Required, developing superheroes in workshops was next. I really loved the idea of one particular group who created, Superhero Happy, whose sole job in life was to make everyone in the world happy. I gave them a bag of 'character props' and one of the items was a keyring. On the back of it was printed Thanks for visiting. Using their brilliant imaginations, the group said that Superhero Happy captured unhappy people in the keyring. When they were happy he let them out and what they saw when they left was... Thank you for visiting.  A fabulous day. Thank you!  

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