Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Visit to St Michael's School in King's Lynn

I had a super time at this school during World Book Day Week. As always I started off with a KS2 author talk where I use a Powerpont to walk/talk through the different stages of writing using my Aggie Lichen; Pilp Collector MG books. I like to use some funny anecdotes to explain how I use everyday life to help develop my writing skills.

After the talk, we moved into classrooms where the workshops would take place. During these sessions the children created a superhero who would help the tooth fairies in my books fight back against their enemies, the Grublins. Each group of four/five had a bag of props to help them determine what to use for their character.

It was a lovely day albeit very busy. I was told that 'The staff and children had greatly enjoyed the visit'. Makes it all worthwhile. 

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