Friday, June 14, 2013


First review for Marvin's Curse is in and it's 5 stars!! 

'I decided to not read this book until after I finished my exams, because after having a free preview of the first 5 chapters, (Wattpad) I knew that I wouldn't be able to stop reading it. I felt in the mood to read a good book however, as a break from revision, so I went for it. Having read other books by the author I knew I was in for a treat.

I was unable to put it down. It was so gripping I read all of it in one sitting. The book is such an original story. Though there are thousands of books in the same sort of genre, I have never heard of anything like this book. It was so unpredictable the whole time, and I love that in a book. Every time I turned a page, I found something new which allowed me to piece more of the story together.

I really connected with the main characters, and actually sobbed at some points. The book was just so good I cannot describe to you how pleased I am that I read it.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to any one. I think it would be impossible to read the book and not be extremely pleased that you did so! It's quite rare to find a book that grips you so much that you can't put it down until you finish it but that is what this book did to me!

It was incredible'

Emily 27

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