Sunday, June 30, 2013

Local produce and craft market

So, I had a stall at the local market yesterday. It was a nice day, weatherwise, although the wind did threaten a bit. Lots of different stalls ranging from charity to jewellery sellers so a good mix.

I sold lots of books, which was great. I was also pleased to shift some of the books my dog had scrateched up when he'd been spooked by fireworks and attacked a box of books!
I spent a lot of time talking to people. It's amazing how writers attract writers. I met a lovely lady, Jillian, who has just published her book and discovered that we both used the same Yorkshire based printers, YPS.

I also attract other people... A lady who insisted on calling Marvin's Curse, Mary's Curse, a man who kept telling me that the bookstore, Waterstone's, was just on the corner, plus another man who kept asking how a dog could damage books while his wife suggested I cut off the dog's head to stop him!

And the Mayor of Sutton stopped by! We shared a joke as he remembered me from before when he didn't buy a book. He didn't buy one this time either!

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