Sunday, August 04, 2013

George and the Dragon

Rae Gandos, Dragon Slayer

I've had to research a bit for this new book. I remembered seeing a particular painting in the National Gallery some years ago by Paolo Uccello; Saint George and the Dragon c1470. And there is Ascalon, the lance! Trouble is, I really like dragons so I have to work out how I'm going to use them to fight humans in the book.

 File:Paolo Uccello 047b.jpg 

The Dragon Slayer in my book is also different in that it's a girl! She needs to be contemporary yet futuristic at the same time. I think once she's grown into her new role, Rae might look a bit like this Manga image by Ayakohi! Ascalon the sword gripped in her hand.

Then there are the dragons! 

Proud and beautiful!    Down right scary!


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