Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Great feedback from school

Just received feedback from my recent school visit to All Saints Benhilton in Surrey. So pleased they all enjoyed it.

Workshop and author talk

Feedback from teachers:

It was fantastic; Debbie had the children completely engaged. We started to read the first ‘Aggie Lichen’ book and the children are keen to continue reading the rest of the series.

The workshop made the children think about characters in a story and how to build information about them so that they were a 3D creation. It inspired the class to write.

The author talk helped the children to understand the process of writing a book and the many stages that it involved. The children heard how even published authors needed to edit and re-write texts to improve them.

Feedback from children:

My teacher is reading the first book and I really like the story; I’ve bought the second book so that I can carry on reading.

The talk was good because I learnt all about getting a book published. We heard about ways to get ideas for writing.

She wasn’t boring but had lots of energy and I wanted to listen. It was good hearing an author read from their own book.

I liked creating a character from the different objects. We had lots of discussion in our group about what the character could be like. It was hard to begin with but the more we talked about the objects the character became more real.

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