Monday, May 26, 2014

Marketing Books


One of the things I have learnt with having printed and e-books is the importance of printed books when marketing. When I go into schools for author talks and workshops, it's the printed books that I promote, hoping to get the e-books sold off their backs. It's the same at school fairs or craft fairs and I can sell lots of printed books at these events. What I also do, though, is to have my netbook on with the trailer for the e-books, plus I give out little leaflets with the details on them.

I am toying with having Marvin's Curse printed this year, but as always it's the printing cost. I also still have a rather large book mountain to move from my dining room. Yet, far from really put me off, I know that for my e-books to sell they have got to somehow be noticed or picked up and in this digital age with more and more self-published e-books, that's becoming less likely. So, I probably need to get on to my lovely printers in York and get the ball rolling.

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