Friday, April 03, 2015

Marvin the Hypnotist

The huge man’s eyes fell on the chain, watching as it swung left then right then left then right… It was a good start!
‘Your eyelids are heavy, very heavy.’
Still the man’s eyes were focused on the chain although his eyelids weren’t closing as fast as Marvin had hoped…
‘Your eyelids are very, very heavy. You can hardly keep them open…’ Marvin now clasped both hands together, hoping to contain the tremor that had started to develop in his right hand. The chain swung out, the silver catching the light. Go to sleep, damn you!
‘Your whole body is tired and exhausted! You need to sleep!’
With cold, dark eyes never leaving the swinging chain, the huge man lumbered forward, each step bring him closer to Marvin.
‘I said, you’re very tired, you need to sleep…’ Marvin started moving backwards and found himself walking in a large circle, the huge man still mesmerised by the chain yet, incredibly, wide awake. What the hell was it going to take…
A large brick by all accounts!

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