Friday, April 17, 2015

My new study is finished.

So now that the study is up and running, here is a photo of the shelving unit. And yes, the books are all in author order. So sad, I know. Shelves B,C, D are at the top here with F,G, H underneath. I'm not normally this good at arranging my books, but had to find a way to access all the wonderful authors I have yet to read quickly.

Alas, the great ordering of said shelves cannot be applied to my new desk set up. I seem to accumulate so many notebooks, post-it notes, book marks, scissors, pens etc. I'm sure they breed while I sleep. The upside is that the desk now looks out over the front garden, providing a much nicer view than the wall I had in the old study. The chair is still the old uncomfortable one, but I write more if I am not too settled and that chair definitely keeps me on edge.

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Jackie Hancock said...

Love it! My bookcase is arranged so when I sit in my reading chair/nook all my favourite books are at eye level (including all my copues of your books Debs x)