Friday, May 01, 2015

Nearing the end...

So, I have now reached around 58,000 in the Iron City story. It's becoming very clear that I will have to provide an ending pretty soon for Rae and George. I can't keep getting them imto all these scrapes, can I? I mean, eventually, something has got to give. Someone must emerge victorious, surely - or not. Perhaps someone should die...

The Iron City (Draft Cover)

The story is all mapped out in my head and scribbled in several notebooks, but the great thing with writing is that a single thought can change which path the characters take. That means my plan is forever evolving and what was once the ending is either trashed or converted into another obstacle along the way. 

What will become of Rae and George? What becomes of their new friends? And how about those dragons? Arrrggghhh!

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