Thursday, March 19, 2015

Herbie Brennan's endorsement

If you look carefully at my cover you'll see that best selling author, Herbie Brennan, has very kindly endorsed my book, Marvin's Curse.

'A marvellous book full of unexpected twists, turns and high imagination.'

I've read many of his books and loved the Faerie Wars Chronicles series so much. He is an amazing writer who has been successful with children's and young adult genres as well as non-fiction books too. If you are into faeries and fantasy, these really are great books to delve into.

'Henry thinks he is simply saving a butterfly from being eaten by Mr Fogarty's cat - but he is in fact saving the life of a misdirected exiled fairy prince. A prince who has to get back to his own land in order to thwart a threatened attack by the Faeries of the Night. But time is against Pyrgus Malvae and soon he is relying on Henry and Mr Fogarty not just to get him home but also to solve the puzzle that surrounds his exile.'

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