Friday, March 20, 2015

Scene - at the pawnbrokers

‘Show him the card,’ said Marvin, pushing her back towards the desk.
Stella patted her trouser pockets then lifted her hands up. ‘Must have lost it.’
‘You’re pathetic!’ said Marvin, half smiling. ‘It’s in your back pocket. I saw you put it there earlier.’
‘Oh, yes,’ she said, pulling the card from her pocket. ‘Here it is.’
She lay the small rectangular card on the desk in front of the old man. She stared at it for a few seconds before pushing it towards his side of the desk. Seeing her tremble slightly, Marvin took her hand and squeezed it.
‘It’ll be okay,’ he said. ‘Just explain…’
‘This is too old for here,’ said the man, cutting across their conversation. ‘This code… it starts with a B and all these,’ he said, waving his hand around the room, ‘starts with an L.’
‘Which means what exactly?’ said Marvin.
‘What it means is that whatever you pawned, it ain’t here anymore,’ said the man, pushing the card back across the desk and resuming his book reading position. ‘Close the door on your way out.’
‘Oh!’ said Stella, her voice a little startled. ‘Okay then. We’ll be on our way.’ She grabbed the door handle making the shop bell ring again.
‘Hold on a minute!’ said Marvin. He leant over the desk, his face parallel to the old man’s.
Stella stepped away from the door, moving in behind him.
‘My friend has a ticket for something she pawned in this shop. Now she’s come to redeem it. So where is it?’
‘Not here!’ said the man, resting his book on his lap. ‘Only L tickets onwards here.’
‘So where are the B tickets?’ said Marvin.
‘Don’t know. L tickets onwards here.’
‘What?’ said Marvin. ‘So where are tickets A to K?’
‘Try Old Kedigan…’
‘You mean you’re not… him… Kedigan?’
‘Not Old Kedigan, no,’ said the old man.
‘So where do we find this, Old Kedigan then?’ asked Marvin, tapping his fingers on the desk.
‘Go to the manor.’
‘Go to the manor where?’
‘Go to the manor at top of the hill… and ask for Old Kedigan,’ said the man, picking up his book again. ‘And close the door on your way out.’

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