Saturday, March 28, 2015

'I'm never scared.'

Marvin moved the curtain and stared out. The view was restricted by the garden wall. He glanced around, spotting a chair to stand on. The image of the girl in the graveyard was still fresh in his mind. Whose grave was she tending? Who was she? 
   Thrusting the curtain to one side, he hoped to get another glimpse of the mystery girl, but he saw nothing – nothing, but grass, stones and trees. 
   His legs twitched as he stood on tiptoes, straining to see beyond the wall. A sudden sharp poke in the leg made him jump. 
   ‘Looks dead interesting out there, huh?’  
   ‘Very funny,’ snapped Marvin. ‘Can’t you think of anything more original?’ 
   ‘Hey, it was just a bit of fun,’ said his step-dad. ‘Didn’t mean to scare you.’ 
   ‘I’m not scared,’ said Marvin, climbing down and brushing him aside. ‘I’m never scared.’


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