Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Great new reviews for Marvin's Curse

5 stars from Billie Jo

Marvin's Curse is a terrific read from start to finish. I liked that the author mixed a great ghost story with the hardships of being a teenager. With this story you get tons of suspense, mystery and a touch of romance that keeps you interested throughout the course of the story. This will be a great addition to anyone's reading list teen or adult. The characters are all very well developed and the story line is true to life and believable.Marvin's character just pulled at my heart-strings. He's dealing with the loss of his father and is angry and hurt,then on top of everything else he finds out he can see and hear ghosts, which he hates at first but comes to accept eventually.Overall this was a very well written story and I enjoyed reading it. I would love to see more of Marvin in the near future and hoping for another installment. Job well done Ms.Edwards!!!!  

4 stars from Victoria

 Marvin hates that his gift in life is to commune with and help the dead; a gift that passes from father to son for generations. His dad is forced to stay in spirit form to teach his son how to use his gift....though Marvin belies its a curse....before he can move on to the afterlife. Marvin misses his dad terribly and doesnt get along with his stepdad. Like any normal teenager he rebels, runs off and refuses to use his gift to help people. Marvin has had a rough life. Everything changes whem he meets Stella McCartney, a young female ghost who has lost her memories and adds many humourous moments to the book. Marvin wants to help her, but it means using his a Gift he has been trying to ignore for a long time. Seeking her memories from a ghostly market situated beneath an Angel in a graveyard, marvin and stella are thrown in to an adventure of evil spirits, demonic encounters and a twisted tale of murder, lies, secrets and slavery. I really felt for Marvin when he was rebelling and missing his dad and seeking peace from ghosts who needed him to finish their business so they could 'cross-over'. Not only does he lose a dad but gains an unwanted gift. When he starts caring for Stella and helping her, Marvin really begins to grow up and see the good he can do for those who cant move on. The ending of this book was emotional and sweet.

 5 stars from Robo

I loved the characters that the author has created. A gripping read that was so tense as the plot unravelled. Kept me from going to sleep.

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