Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great review from Satarupa

A Great Review from Goodreads Member, Satarupa.

'This is an awesome book with a totally unheard of story line and plot where a physic teenager falls in love with an unique ghost.

I loved the concept of the dark world and all the fighting scenes that spiced up the story. Stella is cute and she didn't know that she's dead and all and Marvin and Stella falls in love after Marvin meets her at the graveyard.

The description of the dark world is really vivid and I totally liked the writing style of the author.

The suspense that the author kept till the end is remarkable and the slow revelation of many unanswered questions and the twists and turns with which the story is laced was really great to experience.

I liked the new take in the paranormal romance genre and enjoyed it thoroughly.

All in all a great read and totally deserves a shot so go for it and find out more about this unique love story and the horrors of the dark world.'

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