Saturday, July 06, 2013

A 5 Star Review for Marvin's Curse!!!!!

By Geneva at


When I got this book I have never been so excited to read new pages once again.

I loved the main character Marvin and Stella, the story line is so beautiful and seat gripping until the last page.
It was hard to put this down, but when I did I still felt drawn to reading just one more chapter which ended
up being the rest of the book.
The characters have their own personality which seems so realistic that you can relate to them as being real
and as if you have known them for ever.

"Marvin a teenager with the gift of seeing spirits, moves to a new town with his mother and step-dad after his father's death,
tormented by spirits ever lasting requests he finds himself troubled when he moved next to a graveyard, where he meets Stella
a confused and eccentric teenage girl who seemed to have lost her memories, from which Marvin makes a plan to help this mysterious girl.
Which leads Marvin into a world of mystery and adventure."

I love the way it was written it gave the reader a good sense of detail and realistic views, I loved this book until the very last page,
every chapter opened up a new adventure and an unexptected journey with the most adorable characters, and will put this in my top 10 best books ever read.

150% recommend ths to anyone who likes supernatural stories.'

Thank you so much, Geneva!

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