Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writer CV

Now, I have written CVs before, you know, the usual kind of stuff; education, work history etc. It was always straight forward apart from that little box under your name where you had to sell yourself in as few words as possible.

Well! Creating a writer's CV is a whole different ballgame, I can tell you! I've checked out a few sites and managed to put together a fairly reasonable CV using ideas from each one. List publications - yes, can do that. List memberships - yes, can do that too. Then I'm supposed to make myself look a bit interesting... and have it link to writing. Yikes!

Firstly, I couldn't even think of anything remotely interesting about me let alone, connected to writing. It was only when I recalled an evening out last week with some friends that it hit me! We were just chatting about holidays and my writing and this is what came back to me:

1. I've written stories about stroppy teenage tooth fairies, but I am actually terried of the dentist. I mean, seriously! It's apparently called dental phobia or odontophobia or dentophobia. Even writing about the dentist right now causes me grief. I have actually cried when checking in at the dentists reception and my knees literally knock together!


2. My latest book is a YA paranormal novel. Now I've been a huge fan of all things paranormal for a very long time, but did you know that my honeymoon was a Count Dracula tour of Romania? I visited Bran Castle, went to where Vlad Dracula was born in Sighisoara and the island in the monastery where his tomb is.
 Dracula (Vlad Tepes, Vlad Dracul)

A little bit interesting and linked to my writing... best I can do!

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