Monday, July 15, 2013

Wonderful review from CD

Another review popped up today which is fab! This time from CD on Goodreads.

 20548653 CD Baxter

 As usual I read what's available at Amazon - Two Chapters!

Since I absolutely enjoyed - Ghost Whisperer the television series that all but left too soon after only 5 seasons. Created by John Gray and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt - I have been trying to find something similar in books to satisfy my cravings of the paranormal.

Yes, I have read the many books by various authors that were mass produced to fulfil the lost of this wonderful television series. But to tell the truth it was a bit of rehashing from said series.

This morning, I have found something new and fresh - yes, it is along the lines of 'Ghost Whisperer' and in the written words, similar to Charlaine Harris' character Harper Connelly (which by the way is a story that has been abandoned by Ms Harris - it's been said nothing else will be written for this - sad!) - and now in comes Debra J Edwards with Marvin's Curse - please give her the title of Number One Best Selling Author? - I'm not kidding nor joking...

The first Chapter made me laugh over three times! And it hits close to home since I've lost my own father at the teenage years and I wish dearly that I could see him from time to time to have a chat since there were so many unfinished business between him and myself.

So Marvin may feel cursed but I would take his place any day! The loss of someone very close to you and a situation at home that makes things worse are one fantastic way to get away from it all! A wonderful story which leaves me wanting to read more chapters - two was like a bite of a delicious dessert you start enjoying and then it's taken away from you...

Marvin draws - I wrote stories - still do LOL!

I just met this character and within these two chapters I have a concept of what his life is like. I sincerely hope that Debra considers making his story into a series and hopefully see it on the BBC maybe sometime soon?

That would be something I tell you - so give it a go it's worth every word from just the two preview chapters - imagine what the remainder will be like - ooh I'm imagining - absolutely lovely I resolve!

Will put this on my list of favourites to catch at my local book store as a thoroughly enjoyable read!



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