Friday, July 12, 2013

Previous Marvin covers part 3!

                                                a                                                                                 b

So, two more previous applicants for the job of being Marvin's Curse book cover. First up is cover a. Loved the angel and was able to play around with the colour quite a bit. Tried blue tints and purple which worked well. Only real reservation was the roofs of what could be a bandstand (?) were in the background to the bottom left of the picture. I couldn't find a way round this without cropping the picture within an inch of its life! It was a no!
And cover b... I liked the soft focus around the corners of the picture and in many ways the angel was more how I had envisioned it in the graveyard. But... didn't have that 'Oh, god! I've had enough' feel about it now whereas weeping angels do have that (yes, weeping angels again). So it was backbenched -  permanently!

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