Friday, July 05, 2013

Part 2: More previous contenders for Marvin's Curse book cover

So, part 2 of the book cover search and here are a couple more covers that I played with.

Yes, another weeping angel, but bear in mind that Marvin needs to find the entrance to the underworld hell known as Moghador, and the map is leading him straight towards the graveyard angel! Also, the fact that hearing and seeing ghosts made Marvin quite distraught is relayed perfectly through the pose of the angel. But for me the image seemed too large and light. The bushes in the background also seemed to detract from the angel itself.  Again, seeing it sitting on the YA bookshelf in a bookstore was also giving me problems so goodbye to this one!

This next one I quite liked. The way the vibrant blue works so well with the black background and the eerieness of the graveyard made it a good contender for the final cover. The tree in the foreground stood out well and flowing branches added to the spookiness. Unfortunately, AGAIN, it didn't seem to fit with others of its genre. And, that is so important. I really couldn't have the book looking so different from other YA novels. Perhaps as a black and white photo, this might have worked better.

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