Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Previous Covers for Marvin's Curse

A little late, I suppose, but I thought it might be good to post the other contenders for the cover of Marvin's Curse. There are a few so I'll post some over the next few days and see what you think! Did I make the right choice???? A reminder of the chosen cover.

I liked this one of the weeping angel, but couldn't work on the colour with my limited experience. I did like the way the wings were so full and the way the angel was positioned to the front of the shot.

With this one, I liked the openess of the photo. There was still the all important angel to the left of the photo, but more space to allow the title and author name to fit in easily. The colours worked, the blues and black together, but it didn't have that feel that YA books had on bookstore shelves. I didn't want to go to the typical black cover, but there was a need for the book to sit comfortably with others of it's genre.

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